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Title: Hunger
Length: One-shot (4 763)
Rating: adults only
Fandom/Kink: X-Men Movie Verse / Roleplay/AU (Domestic/Tradesman)
Warnings: Language, Sex, mentions of homophobia.
Written for Kink Bingo 2009. James Logan (Wolverine) / Remy LeBeau (Gambit). Forgotten Lunchbox Special! For the record, this is the AU in which the laws of physics are upheld and neuroscience isn't a joke -- which means that Wolverine never lost his memories (or at least, not as depicted in Origins). Or, just a straight-up AU. Seriously, this fic just kept getting longer and longer.

Quote: That hadn't been the point at all, though, and it hits Remy deep in his gut. Logan had been looking for a place to settle down, somewhere people wouldn't treat them like shit or try and run them off. Looking for a run-down house to fix up, to put up the picket fence and paint it white, and how had Remy missed noticing that between the two of them it was Logan who was the teen-aged girl in their sadly dysfunctional relationship?

So, I obviously found another *amazing* Lomy author I have a heart on for. So sue me.

Title: So Hold Tight, Hold Tight
Length: One-shot
Rating: adults only
Summary: Of course, he knows as well as anyone that the hulking maniac who had silver blades slide out of his hands hadn't actually introduced himself, but then again, there's no need to be rude just because the man had slapped him around some.
Warnings: Language, Explicit sex, etc.
I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was entirely convinced that they left an important scene out of the movie. You know. The scene where they have sex. Also? I don't think Logan ever introduced himself. Yet, there's that scene near the end, when Gambit says "Your name is Logan," which I find highly suspicious, except that the following scene was not shown. But it DID happen

Title: (Feeling So) Vulnerable
Length: One-shot (839)
Rating: adults only
Fandom/Kink: X-Men Movie 'verse / Bondage (held down)
Warnings: Language, Sex.
Written for Kink Bingo 2009. James Logan (Wolverine) / Remy LeBeau (Gambit). Title from the song "Brena" by A Perfect Circle. As far as timeline is concerned, this takes place after the majority of the events in So Hold Tight, Hold Tight, and if you don't want to read that, it takes place before Logan heads to Three Mile Island in Origins.

Title: The Sacred Geometry of Chance
Length: One-shot (611)
Rating: not for minors
Fandom/Kink: X-Men Movie 'verse / Mind Control/Amnesia
Warnings: Language, Sex.
Written for Kink Bingo 2009. James Logan (Wolverine) / Remy LeBeau (Gambit). Title from the song "Shape of My Heart" by Sting. This takes place in the deserted bathroom of the kind of bar you really shouldn't be doing this in, and in a country other than Canada.

Quote from 'So Hold Tight, Hold Tight:
"Fuck you," he says, instead, giving up on trying to stay quiet. "Harder, damn you, you c'n do better--" Logan can, in fact, do better, but he's determined to make Remy beg and Remy is just as determined not to. "Is that the best you can do?" He pants, desperate and oh-so-close, biting his lips to suppress a moan. "Come on, fuck me, just fuck me--"

(This Gambit talks like I do during sex. Except I'm the top. Hehehe.)

Shot Down and Locked Up
By Charos_erevos
Rating - NC-17
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Marvel; no profit is made from this fan work.
Warning: Bottom!Wolverine – you know that a man with healing factor isn’t satisfied with tender kisses. If bdsm and (light) body modification aren’t your thing don’t read.

Uh. So. Hi. I'm a dominant sadist. I like horrible evil things being done to boys. This isn't that hard to come across in the X-Men fandom, nor in the Lomy genre. However, it is almost always Remy getting all hurty. That's fine, but in my mind, Wolverine is the perfect bottom. I mean, he can heal from anything. And I can totally see him being into kinky shit.  (I also think he'd be a wonderful submissive, but I think that's my own fantasies colouring the character. So sue me.)

Yet, you so rarely see it.  At least, until recently. Charos Erevos seems to be leading the bottom!Wolverine charge whole heartedly, and pulling no punches. I mean, dude. Just read this, and see. It made me wibble.

Holy shit. I inspired a fic!

See, I wanted some solid, well written post Antarctica, Gambit/Wolverine HC fic where no one gets raped. Apparently, no one had ever written that before. Poor Gambit, always getting raped. I swear to god, I am going to 1 - write a fic where Wolvie gets raped and 2 -write and essay on why we do this.

Anywho, Enemy Frigate (who you might know from my earlier recs) saw my post in one of the x-fic comms, and sat down and started writing...and we were given this BRILLIANCE!

Spring Break Up
X-Men comicverse (basically)



"Get some shuteye," Wolverine says. "You look like hell."

Gambit does what he is told, and gets under the blankets, fully clothed except for his boots. He dozes, though he doesn't expect to. He half dreams, of frozen mountains and jungle valleys, of enemies he has no name for. In his sleep, the ice creeps closer again, extending fingers of cold throughout his torso, into his legs, through the narrowest blood vessels of his arms.

The cold brings Gambit awake. He huddles closer into the quilts, but they don't warm him. At least he can sleep a little, here where no one can get at him without going through Wolverine.

The neutral tone of a nature program mutters from the television.

Wolverine stirs. "You warm enough, kid?"

"Non," Gambit says.

The television clicks off. Wolverine comes over to the bed, kicks his boots off and slings his jacket onto the bedpost. He frees the covers from around Gambit's shivering body and gets into bed next to him.

When he joins Gambit under the blankets, Gambit immediately turns to him. He knows it's futile, but Wolverine is just so warm. He knows that heat is there, he can sense it, but that fire that burns in his friend cannot cross the barrier of his own skin.

Ok, so, obviously I love Jane St Clair's Ric/Star fics. So here are two more wonderful ones for you

Rating: NC-17
Continuity: Ric & Shatty in Mexico. (Post-X-Force #70)

Quote: He can't quite believe they haven't done this before now. They must have. Sometime in the truck or in the water or that afternoon behind the cafe up north. Must have. Because he's sure he's had this taste in his mouth before. Clear-pale and warm, reaching down his throat towards his heart. Very soft skin against his lips. Not female at all, but not raspy, either. Just open-mouthed, and how could he have wanted to make love to this man without ever kissing him first? Not fair of him at all to have skipped such an important step. Mouth roving over his face and neck, and sometimes just their cheeks rubbing together. The closest he's ever been to swallowing someone else's tongue.

Someone Who's Turning
Rating: R

QuoteHe doesn't think TV's ever featured a first kiss quite like this one. In the screen-lit dark of the den, with his pants open and his soft cock still hanging out, against a guy who just creamed his jeans. Whose hands come up to cradle his head in the middle of the kiss, but more hesitantly than any big-jawed soap actor could ever manage. Startlingly human, and tentative, and passionate like you can't capture on film. Realizing like Rictor's realizing that it's actually possible to love another human being like this.

Rating: R
Pairing: Rictor/Shatterstar
Fandom: X-Force
Continuity: Somewhere vague between X-Force #70 and the X-Force '99 Annual. Ric and Shatty've split from X-Force to put an end to Ric's family's gunrunning.

Quote: It makes this cradle of flesh and water that Shatterstar lays himself into. Julio lifts the looped-up curve of Shatterstar's hair and lays it over his shoulder, accepts the head that follows it. Tucks his knees up around narrow hips and lays back, letting them both soak and drift on the edge of the night.

In the Absence
by Jane St Clair
Rating - NC-17
Summary: Domino doing bed checks

Quote: She wonders if she should wake Nathan up and inform him that one of their children is missing. Snorts at the image of him waiting by the door for Shatty to come in, like a father from a 50s movie. Brown slippers at all. Possibly something large and Askani in the way of weaponry slung across his lap.

God, there's just something about Shatterstar I adore - I think its the Warrior/Gladiator/Fighty with swords thing. Right up there with the massively tall, gorgeous long hair hot ass body thing. Anyway. I love 'im. And now, he and Rictor are CANNON! Yeah, thats right, Marvel let them kiss on panel, and confirmed Rictor's bisexuality. I like seeing male bisexuals portrayed well in media. Its almost always girls, but biboys need love too!

Strictus Snipe and a Cure for Writers’ Block
Rating: PG
Pairing: Remus/Severus
Summary: Romance, intrigue, and distinctly bad prose are unleashed on Hogwarts when the identity of the mysterious Gertrude Perkins is finally revealed.
Notes: Gertrude Perkins is of course stolen from Blackadder Series Three (“Ink and Incapacity”, to be precise). I have paraphrased shamelessly from Douglas Adams at one point.

And then there was Strictus to consider. Could Remus really force himself to let Strictus go? He was so incredibly charming, so profoundly mysterious, so amazingly seductive, so dazzlingly attractive, so innately…

“Snape!” Remus exclaimed with a jump, looking up sharply to see his colleague standing in the doorway. “What are you doing here?”

“You left your door unlocked,” Snape remarked blandly.

“Was there something you wanted?”

“Your register. Albus sent me to retrieve it, for some unfathomable reason.”

Remus frowned in puzzlement. “Did he say why he wanted it?”

“I did ask, but he just started rambling on about socks and destiny and plot devices, so I thought it best just leave him to his insanity.”

“Oh. Well, the register’s there on the desk. Help yourself.”

Remus set his coffee mug down on top of a pile of books, and watched as Snape moved moodily over to the desk.

The desk at which Remus had just been working.

The desk which he had not yet tidied up.

The desk on which the manuscript of Gertrude Perkins’ latest novel was resting, free from any obscuring charm, concealing enchantment, or disguising spell.


Riding the Wild Wade
Author: Randi
Setting: X-Men Origins: Wolverine movieverse
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rough sex. Anachronisms. Unbeta'd.

Written for a prompt in the second Marvel Kink meme. Prompt was: Movieverse, Origins!Era. Team X are tasked with capturing a pheromone controlling mutant/sex pollen dealer/whatever, their target escapes after pitching the boys into an orgy. Bonus points for a gang-bang with Wade as the bottom and noone on the Team really minding afterwards.

Quote: "Ask me again next week," Wade said. He walked stiffly and slowly over to the packs Fred and John had dropped and pulled out a half-gallon bottle, one of the few containers of water they'd brought. "I call dibs on this. I think it's only fair. By the way, every single one of you owes me dinner."

We Fall Out Of It
Category: Logan/Remy; AU, drama/angst.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Not particularly, though one scene has angry!sex in it, if that bothers you guys. ;)
Summary: Whatever he'd been, this is who he is now.
A/N: More story notes, darn it. ;) This time let's start by saying Happy Birthday, [info]cool_tre_cool! I'd actually outlined this fic after watching the movie the first (highly illegal) time, and had worked on it more after watching it the next (very legal) time, but it probably would have (and very well might should have *snicker*) died after that if I hadn't thought about making it a birthday fic.

In its first incarnations, it was strictly movie!verse, but somewhere along the way it morphed into this kind of odd movie!verse comic!verse mix (and fanon), so I've classified it as AU, even though it (should) never directly contradict movie!verse canon. ;)

This story is a lovely mix of comicverse and movieverse - and filled with hotmansex and independent!male!angst!

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